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DITA, the celebrated eyewear brand, was born from the partnership of childhood friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, who hail from Laguna Beach, located just south of Los Angeles. Their journey from friends to business partners was shaped by a shared passion for design and craftsmanship.

Having collaborated on various freelance projects, Solorio and Juniper recognized the unique synergy between their talents and sensibilities. Their combined strengths in design, innovation, and attention to detail laid the foundation for what would become DITA—a brand synonymous with luxury eyewear.

Inspired by their coastal upbringing and a shared vision for excellence, Solorio and Juniper set out to redefine the eyewear industry with their distinctive aesthetic and uncompromising commitment to quality. Today, DITA stands as a testament to their enduring friendship, creative vision, and dedication to crafting eyewear that merges timeless elegance with contemporary style.

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