C I RC A         A C E T A T E       C O L L E C T I O N



The unique colorways, sculptural shapes, and reflective volumes that have become the hallmark of the Circa Acetate Collection are created through a complex production process overseen by our esteemed manufacturing partners in Japan. The collection introduces a range of rare subtleties, decorations, and innovative components, all of which celebrate a strong and unique ocular identity. Features include mineral glass lenses; finely worked metal detailing in both sterling silver and 18k gold; custom rivet and engraved wire core designs; a proprietary concealed hinge system; and our signature domed cameo logo.

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T H E    C I R C A   T I T A N I U M   C O L L E C T I O N



Forged from 100% bet titanium, the Circa Titanium Collection will inspire you to boldly do what you do best in daring and dashing eyewear crafted by Jacques Marie Mage. Redefining the old paradigm of wireframe glasses in wholly new terms, old-world workmanship meets modern design, resulting in an effusion of poetic forms that are both rugged and refined.

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The Optical Collection combines classic silhouettes with energetic surfacing and mindful details that include our signature arrowhead front pin, custom engraved wire core design, and spur - shaped rivets. Whether re-discovering the dusty tomes of exist initialism in the libraries of the Sorbonne, or cruising Sunset Blvd. awash in Golden Era nostalgia, these glasses provide a positive platform for steadying your consciousness and leaping into the unknown.