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Biotrue contact lenses and multipurpose solutions are very popular amongst contact lens users in Australia. As the product tagline says, these lenses are inspired by the biology of your eyes. The ONEday Multifocal lenses are excellent for people with presbyopia. The correction offered by contact lenses is much more accurate than eyeglasses. The Biotrue lenses are very comfortable and remain moist for longer than any other product out there. Here are some advantages of these lenses:


3-Zone Progressive Design – For better clarity of vision, the contact lenses have a 3-zone progressive design. For near vision, the ADD power is across the centre of the lenses. The ADD power slowly transitions into distance power in the intermediate zone. The outer rim of the contact lenses correct distance vision.


Moisture – These contact lenses have 78% moisture content, which matches the water content in THE cornea. You can expect them to be moist for up to 16 hours and that’s convenient and comfortable for people who work long hours.


The Biotrue contact lenses also offer some UVA/UAB protection. You might still need to wear sunglasses over your eyes when you venture out in bright sunlight, but this does offer a measure of protection.

Bausch & Lomb Biotrue for Presbyopia - 30 Lenses

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