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If you have always wanted to change the colour of your eyes, then choosing the leading manufacturer of contact lenses is a good idea. With Air Optix Colors, not only will you be able to change the colour of your eyes, but you will also be able to protect them. With high transmission of oxygen a promise made by the manufacturers, this daily wear contact lenses product is truly a great choice if you suffer from near or far-sightedness. Even if your main reason for wearing them is for cosmetic purposes, you can be assured that the product you are subjecting your eyes to is of high-quality.


Air Optix Colors is made of a material called Lotrafilcon B, which gives the eyes of the wearer the ultimate feeling of comfort. The brand has always been known to create products which are high in the comfort factor and this coloured contacts product is surely a great one. At Lens World, we strive hard to bring products which are comfortable and which fit the budget of our valued clients. This product comes in a 1 pair pack or a 3 pair pack.

Air Optix Colors

  • 14.1mm 

  • 8.6mm

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