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Our Biofinity multifocal lenses, available from CooperVision are perfect from those people who are starting to have trouble focusing on objects clearly, but who don't wish to wear unsightly bifocal glasses. These contact lenses are made to last and can be worn on a daily basis for up to a month.


These thin lenses are made from thin silicone hydrogel that stays naturally wet and comfortable for your eyes and allowing for the maximum transmission of oxygen to your eyes. This means that Biofinty Multifocal lenses can be worn for longer periods than lenses made from more traditional materials. Ask your optometrist if your prescription is suitable to keep these lenses in overnight.


Created by CooperVision, these contact lenses combine the finest materials and technological techniques to create a contact lens that will sharpen your vision completely as well as provide maximum comfort for you to wear.

Cooper Vision Biofinity multifocal - 3 Lenses

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