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While we offer many different types of extended wear contacts, we also recognise that some customers prefer to change their contact lenses daily, which is why we are offering the best 1 day contact lenses on the market. The Dailies AquaComfort Plus 30 pack of contact lenses takes away the stress and hassle of you having to clean and store the same contact lenses frequently. The Dailies have been designed by CibaVision who are known for the progressive and innovative approach they take to the development of new types of contact lens. These contact lenses are designed to be extremely comfortable for even the most sensitive of eyes. There is a chance that some people who wear this style of contact lens will forget that they even got them on.


The Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses are made from material called Nelifilcon A. This material has the advantage of feeling very natural to the eye, the surface is also naturally more slippery and therefor more comfortable on the eye. For the best in high quality, daily contact lenses, look no further than the AquaComfort Plus Dailies Range.

Dailies AquaComfort PLUS - 30 Lenses

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  • 14.0mm

  • 8.7mm

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